What do you do if you want to go faster?

Sometimes the only thing I know is that my foot is on the gas and I can't let up the slack... However, I heard this in the video below and almost lost my breath.

Yes. That's how I feel so much of the time. GO faster.

But to go faster, as this brilliant film shows, you have to be moving slowly.

This is a counter-cultural thought.  It's also truth.  I wish I could transcribe all of the lines that hit me in the gut:

- You escape the clutches of gravity by being still, by building momentum.

- Relationships are like baby birds, you don't rush the hatch; all of the struggle gives it strength to make it through life.

- Going faster gets you there slower, worse off, or not at all.

- Focus can be blinding.

- Don't take comfort in the false security of busy.

 You're just going to have to spend three minutes and watch it yourself.

I promise you will be encouraged!

Now "stop and slide your little caterpillar self into that cocoon and starting making a butterfly."

Be the tortoise, not the hare.