Why Innovation Matters

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e chimes2

“If you only do what you know and do it very, very well, chances are that you won't fail.You'll just stagnate, and your work will get less and less interesting, and that's failure by erosion”Twyla Tharp

Show up and do what you know.

Keep your head down and deliver precisely what's expected of you.

Fly below the radar.

Go along to get along.

Don't look too deeply,  avoid wonder, and play safe.

These are "safe side" sentiments of the brain.  There is a part of us that wants to maintain what we know and not ask probing questions.  We have a voice that says, "keep your questions to yourself" or presses the thought, "careful...you don't know what could happen!"

This is a loud and dangerous voice because it stifles innovation, kills creativity, and makes growth impossible.  In biology we know death starts as soon as growth stops, but the same principle holds true in many areas of life.

Where are you stagnant?

Is your relationship with your spouse healthy and growing? Or are you content leaving it in "maintenance" mode?

Are your growing at work? Or are you achieving "ordinary"?

Do you seek new ways to parent as your children go through different stages? Or have you become comfortable with your parenting style from the early years?

Do you recognize the risk of getting complacent and "stuck" with what you already know?

This week pay attention to ways you strive for safety and areas where you minimize risk.  While those areas may feel immune to sudden failure, they are likely a prime target for failure by erosion.