Why Ignoring Your Weakness Is A Strength

Do you trust your strengths? Or do you spend more of your time trying to make your weaknesses less weak?

If you spend even a few days working with me, you'll hear me proselytize that you should always, ALWAYS play to what you do well and outsource your weaknesses. Don't strive and compete in areas where your skills are less than fantastic.

In fact, the main reason your weaknesses should receive any attention at all is so you can find ways to work around what doesn't come naturally to you.

I haven't seen any video that demonstrates this principle better than this six-second Vine video.

This is THE word picture for how to use your strengths!!

Watch closely and you'll see Nate Robinson, when he was with the Chicago Bulls, completely bail from the jump shot.  Robinson knows that as a "short" point guard, he isn't going to be competitive when height is needed.  Instead, Robinson plays to his strength, which is moving quickly.  Rather than fighting for the ball by competing with a much taller player in a jump shot, Robinson outsmarts the guy by bailing from the jump shot and running to intercept the ball.

I could watch this over and over.

The next time you're tempted to compete where you're weak, reframe your options.

Think differently.  Think like Nate Robinson!