When You Don't Want To Wait


“Patience is power.Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is "timing."It waits on the right time to act, for the right principlesand in the right way.”Fulton J Sheen

We are an impatient people.

And by "we," I  mean the "me" part of  "we."

I don't like saying, "I am impatient." I'd rather use a large brush to capture everyone in my path. Perhaps you don't struggle with impatience at all.

Or maybe you don't realize how impatient you're being.

Do you ever move before the rest of the team has agreed on a direction? Are you argumentative when a decision doesn't go your way?How frequent are your complaints? Does your temperature rise when something takes longer than expected? Are you easily frustrated? Do you find people are generally "in the way"?

If any of those are true, your attitude likely leaks into your work and home environment.  Chances are even if you don't recognize your impatience, everyone else around you does.

Want to test the waters?

This week ask a handful of people who will be candid with you if you ever come across as impatient.  Let them give you the feedback and ONLY ask for clarification if they don't make sense.  Then say, "thanks for the feedback."

Don't defend. Don't debate.

Just listen and absorb.

Impatience is a pervasive blind spot, so if you want to know if this is a problem for you, ask for the feedback.

I dare you.