When you are 80...


You don't worry about things like email and twitter. You say "back in the day," and  you're not referring to the 1980's.

Your opinion that baseball is the most interesting sport is immovable.

You aren't afraid to use a well-placed curse word to make a point.

You are still impressed by the remote control, the microwave, and overnight mail.

You think pop music is over-rated, and you have no idea why anyone would need Facebook to stay in touch with friends.

You understand how quickly life passes, but you still aren't in a rush.

You love America almost as much as you love The Church.

You pray with your kids every time they call  - even if they are driving, at work, or just looking for mom.

You duct-tape your Bible when it falls apart because you don't plan on breaking in a new one.

You are, if possible, more thankful for and more in love with the bride of your youth.

You don't worry about age and you certainly don't "stand on ceremony," but when someone calls on your birthday, you DO expect a song.

Happy Birthday Dad!  I'll call you later and I'll sing for you!