When is efficiency a bad thing?

I worked in a high rise building in Buckhead for 20 years and was pretty proud of myself for discovering half a dozen ways to get from my driveway to the office. I knew where traffic flowed well during certain times of the morning and also knew places to avoid. One day there was a mud slide, cutting off one of my favorite routes. I came upon the road closure and was unwittingly thrown into an entirely new approach to the office. Unfortunately, I was rerouted and discovered a MUCH more pleasant way to get to work.

I say "unfortunate" because I had less than a week left at the company; fewer than 10 trips to enjoy the new path.  I still can't believe I missed years of having a more pleasant drive.

You'll understand why I tell this story after you watch this TED talk. I love this reminder to ditch efficiency sometimes, to find new routes, to be open to change, to avoid the danger of the single path...

"If you think that adventure is dangerous, try routine. It's deadly."

Words to live by... now find a new route to work!