When Being A Dad Is Beyond Awesome

I'm a sucker for great marketing. I happily admit the fact that I walk around with a giant bullseye on my forehead, waiting for the next ad that will make me laugh, cry, or just stand back in awe of the creative minds who are working so hard to sell me something.

I don't mind people telling me what THEY think I should buy.

I control my purchasing habits and I'd just as soon admit that I need to be persuaded to pay attention to your product.  So I stare at the banners, the spots, and the links and say,

"Go for it.  Win me over!"

Nothing makes me happier than when someone turns me into a fan.

The spot below, which is marketed under #HowToDad is flat-out brilliant.   Not only does it feature snappy dialog and fantastic editing, it shows a Dad who is actually competent, fun, and real!

Watch for yourself.

I could gush over the way the dad calls the horsehead mask "creepy," then throws his kid off the bed.

I love how the "hot" wife is busy getting work done while the Dad messes with the kids.

I love the dog with the "cone of shame" and how the youngest daughter is dressed like a cat.

But what I appreciate most is this line: "When a rule is broken, we are the enforcement.  When a heart is broken, we are the reinforcement.”

Well said!

Props to Cheerios for hitting the bullseye!  I can't wait to try a box!