What to read this summer?


OK faithful readers. I'm in a lull.

I have a list of books to read, but nothing is appealing for quick and breezing, light and easy summer fare.

I need your help.  What should be on my list AND more important, why?

Let me establish a few categories in the name of helping you narrow your suggestions:

Biography -  I'd love one stellar biography to read this summer. Don't suggest anything by Walter Issakson or David McColloch since I've read most of their works. (And if you haven't read Einstein or Hamilton, you should.)  Though I haven't read the Wright Bros.  Any of you love that?? Hmmm. My preference would be to find someone off the beaten path.  What do you have??

Chick Lit - This is a crazy category, to be sure. I don't want to read a romance novel and I definitely don't want a Sophie Kinsella-ish book.  However, I like writers who develop interesting female leads (think Amy Poehler meets Jane Austin). You got anything?

Young Adult - I love me some YA for beach/lake reads. The Book Thief is a top 5 book for me and it's a YA, but even though I love it, it's not light and breezy.  What should I pick up?

Memoir - One of my favorite recent memoirs is Shonda Rhimes, A Year of Yes.  Is there anything out there that's as engaging as that little slice of heaven?  I need to know.

Yes. I realize this post is all about me and not at all about you. Forgive me.

I'm just hoping for a little help from my friends!  Text, comment, or email me.

Thanks in advance.

(I love a presumptive close)