What stories do people tell about you?

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” Shannon Alder

This weekend I pulled the most heinous of social media crimes;I lied.

OK.  Everyone lies to some extent, even if it's just airbrushing a blemish away from their picture.


But this weekend I told everyone I was in New York when I was really heading to Oregon.  My rationalization: I was trying to throw off Lisa, my best friend from childhood, as to my whereabouts.  The goal was surprising her at her 50th Birthday party.

The caper was a resounding success as her husband's plans came together seamlessly. She cried when friends and family from around the country arrived for Saturday's events, and her tears brought us a measure of fiendish delight.

However impressed I was by the logistical accomplishments, I was more astounded by the stories I heard while I was there.

MAN, do people love Lisa.

The list is extensive (and some of the stories she wouldn't want repeated!!), but the qualities are things we would all want as descriptors:

KindFaithfulHilariousConsiderateLovingGenerousLoyalFunnyBig-HeartedJoyfulBeautiful (inside & out)Thoughtful

And I'm only getting started!  The stories and the friendships were fitting tributes for a person who makes an effort to love others well.  In watching my Lisa, my dearest of friends, I was reminded of an incredible truth:

Your legacy is directly related to the way you treat people. 

As you start this week, think about how the people you interact with would describe you.  Would they tell stories using words such as "kind," "considerate," "faithful"?

Or would the words be something less positive?

For me, it helps to remember every person I meet is valuable. Every. Single. One.  Thinking about my amazing friend Lisa and the joy she brings to others motivates me.


I want to be like her when I grow up!

* Note - I did teach her how to do a jump shot!!