What should you do with scary ideas?

Ideas are scary. They are the natural born enemy of the way things are. These are the poignant lines of the video below and I think the sentiment is true.

Just this week I read an article saying that for all of the hype around the need for "innovation," most people settle for the tried and true.  And, even more troubling, there is an active bias against creativity.

Have you found this to be the case in your profession? Because I have certainly see it in mine.

So how then should we respond? Should we downplay our ideas?  Should we aim for average?  Do YOU want to blend in?

Of course not!!!

That's why I  like at least two word picture this video provides.

#1 - Remember your idea IS ugly.

An idea always needs grooming and hygiene lessons. This means you shouldn't be offended if someone wants to clean it up. Let others get into the mix and work on improvement. The goal is to make something beautiful!

#2 - Remember your idea is fragile.

For an idea to work, it needs attention. You have to care for the thing you create. If you won't nurture your idea past the neuron firing stage, no one else will.  When you love an idea, you shepherd it through all of the difficult growth stages.

But that's just what I see.

What do you notice?