What recipes are you missing?


We have a British soccer coach, Matt, living in our basement for a couple of months . Don't ask how he came to live with us. It's a long story and, what's more significant, we're happy he's here.

Matt's a fan of American food and seems to be relatively pleased with what I'm serving the family at dinner. He's far too polite to ever complain or even make suggestions about the menu, so we've started asking what he's missing from home.

The list is short and some of the food is only available in the UK, but there is one particular staple he misses: Yorkshire Pudding.

If you've never had Yorkshire Pudding, you should know it's very poorly named because it's neither pudding, nor is it from Yorkshire. It's a bread, not dissimilar to a popover.  (You don't even serve it with pudding, but whatever...)

Matt says a number of "host families" (which is what we are) have tried to make him Yorkshire pudding, but none have them been very good.

Ahem -- this sounds like a challenge to me.

And so, I wonder if any of you have a recipe you'd like to share.  Of COURSE there are plenty online (and I'm tempted to go with the Cooks Illustrated version because, well, it's COOKS ILLUSTRATED!), but I'd rather have a first-hand-I-swear-by-this-recipe recommendation.

So how about it? Who is game? Can you help a girl out?

If Yorkshire Pudding isn't your thing, there are a few other dishes in my repertoire which could use an upgrade. Maybe you can help?

#1 - Banana bread - mine is decidedly average.

#2 - Peas - There has to be more creative EASY ways which improve over my steamed with butter, salt & pepper approach.

#3 - Meatballs - I like my Greek Meatballs, but the old-fashioned swimming-in-marinara type have escaped me.

There are more, of course, but I don't want to be greedy.