What is your biggest decision today?


"Each word you say is an investment of your time & energy. Both are limited resources.Pessimism is easier. Optimism is better. Choose wisely"Billy Phenix

Have you ever thought that making pessimistic statements is like choosing the path of least resistance? That saying what's wrong in many circumstances is the "easy" thing to do?

My husband's tweet above bothered me for a couple of days when I read it.

If I'm being a little itty bit of a nay-sayer, that doesn't mean I'm a full-on Debbie Downer. Everyone needs a dose of realism, right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Psychologists argue optimism is a habit you can learn (even if you're more naturally pessimistic), but the implication is optimism also takes effort.

I can't pick up my feet, float downstream and expect my current circumstances to lead me to a happy place. I see the negative easily and I rarely have private thoughts. A pessimistic observation just floats on out.  Maybe you do this as well.

If you're like me, we have to decide to use our energy toward seeing what's best; to find what's possible.

Today will be full of challenges, that's guaranteed.  But we can make a positive impact on the teams we lead, the children we parent, and the people we serve if we make the extra effort to express hope and good will.

And it will be extra effort to be...

- patient in traffic- friendly during airport security- cheerful when the kids walk slowly- kind when we don't get what we want- good-natured when someone disagrees with us - considerate when we are misunderstood

Of course, everything extraordinary requires that extra be put into the ordinary.

Are you up for the challenge?

Your answer could be your biggest decision today.