What happens if you reshuffle life?

Do you resent the little things that swallow up your time or seem to steal away your days? Do you ever put your actions on auto-pilot and just trudge through life? If I'm not careful, I spend all my energy looking forward to the peaks and merely survive the valleys.  This is a terrible habit. Life works because the action waxes and wanes at a regular clip.  The key is to appreciate the moments in between.

The amazing short film below highlights this idea by imagining a life where you live through "like" moments all at once. So you spend 6 weeks waiting for a green light, then you only have green lights; you spend 6 months watching commercials or 2 days tying shoes. Imagine...

  • 15 months looking for lost items
  • 2 years of boredom
  • 77 hours of confusion
  • 51 days figuring out what to wear
  • 9 days pretending to know what’s being talked about
  • 5 days working buttons and zippers
  • 3 years swallowing food

It doesn't go well.

Life is meant to be more than moments to endure, but to be enjoyed as a child jumps from event to event, blissful and in "tiny swallowable pieces."

I love this little reminder. And I'm happy I don't have to take a 200-day shower!