What gets lost when we're in a hurry

"And the simple fact is, if we are focused on ourselves,if we're preoccupied, as we so often are throughout the day,we don't really fully notice the other."Daniel Goleman

If you've followed my blog for long, I hope you've discovered one over-riding theme: I write from my weaknesses.

On any given post you'll discover something I have had to (past tense) OR need to (present tense) work on. This explains why I write thematically and why so many ideas blend together on any given week.  Also, I find blogging from a place of learning gives me plenty of material from which to write and my musings won't erroneously position me as an expert in much of anything.

(With perhaps the exception about my mad taco-fryingguacamole-mixing, carrot-cake-baking skills - but I can own that!)

And so, when I write "Get Over Yourself" or tee up a video like the one below, I am not berating you any more than I am myself. I am, however, hoping I'm not alone.  I was particularly convicted when Mr. Goleman tells a story about a person's willingness to help a man in need:

"What turned out to determine whether someone would stopand help a stranger in needwas how much of a hurry they thought they were in --were they feeling they were late, or were they absorbedin what they were going to talk about.And this is, I think, the predicament of our lives:that we don't take every opportunity to helpbecause our focus is in the wrong direction."

It's worth listening to the entire talk here:

I'm hoping you need the reminder this talk gives too.  I'm hoping you'll be encouraged to pay attention.