What A Dad Knows


When I think about how a Dad should love his daughter, one story of my life with “Fletch” rises to the surface. As a Southerner, Billy,  when he decided to ask me to marry him,  knew he had to first ask my father for permission. Since my Dad’s a cross-country flight away, Billy asked for “my hand” on the phone rather than in person.

Dad felt more stunned that someone wanted to marry me, than slighted by the lack of a face-to-face meeting and happily took Billy’s call.  Dad politely listened to Billy’s long explanation of why we should be married and then hemmed and hawed before replying.

“Well Billy, you know Joy’s a bit of a handful, right?”“Um.  Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time with her.”   Billy confirmed.

What. In. The. World.

When I heard about this exchange, I was a little flabbergasted. (I was so excited Billy proposed, I couldn’t manage being angry.)  I quizzed Billy,

“Was Dad trying to talk you out of proposing?” “Nah,” Billy said, “he just wanted to make sure I knew you.”

Well… o.k. I think that’s o.k….

I mean, when I set aside everything stated and implied in the idea of “being a handful,” I appreciate this Father to future Son-in-Law exchange. This was my Dad’s way of saying what’s most important is that you have an accurate picture of who my daughter is and love her regardless.

Ultimately, what Dad wants is for me to be known and fully loved.  He wants my husband to love me the way he does.  Dad was keeping an eye out for me and making sure Billy was ready to do the same.

How can you not love a man who does that for you?

Happy Father’s Day Fletch!

Thanks for loving your handful daughter so well!