West Egg Cafe


Playing hooky with the family for a couple of days so I'm not spending much time connected, but I wanted to remind you of one of my favorite breakfast spots.  The only thing I'd add to the review below is that West Egg has become one of my favorite spots for oatmeal. OATMEAL?!!  Get it with the fruit compote for more deliciousness than you can imagine in oatmeal (OATMEAL!!!).


"I was at this restaurant.  The sign said 'Breakfast Anytime.' So I ordered French Toast in the Renaissance."  -  Steven Wright

Very little makes me happier than a fabulous breakfast.  I love breakfast for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

In California I usually opt for Huevos Rancheros which are served  in even the most basic diners.  I like the excuse of eating salsa, avocado, and Tapatio first thing in the morning.  However, in Georgia my breakfast tastes run a tad counter-cultural.  The problem is I refuse to eat biscuits (those calories!!!), gravy isn't appealing, and I don't care for grits. I avoid places like The Flying Biscuit, and I won't articulate my thoughts about Cracker Barrel because I try not to be a heretic.

Fortunately, when we need to find a spot for getting together with my local friends with normal tastes where I'm also happy, there's a perfect default location in Midtown, the West Egg Cafe.   This standard has  an authentic Southern breakfast with enough twists to make everyone happy.

If you've never tried West Egg Cafe, you have to put it at the top of your list.  Here's a couple of exceptional dishes!

If you're there for lunch, but you want a taste of breakfast, I highly recommend the fried green tomato wrap. The tomatoes are lightly fried so they aren't soggy or greasy.  I usually opt for a green side salad to offset any "calorie guilt."


The West Egg version of Huevos Rancheros is eggs over black bean cakes.  This is a great dish -- though some guacamole is desperately needed!


But the absolute best dish at West Egg is the fried egg sandwich.  The sandwich is made with toasted challah bread (why aren't MORE sandwiches made with challah?!) and a tomato relish that's simply divine. Sure, there's eggs, cheese, onions, lettuce, but the tomato jam - - Wow!!!   Creative Loafing included this on The List of 100 dishes to eat in Atlanta for good reason.  Hungry yet?  Enjoy your breakfast - brunch - lunch - dinner - whatever at West Egg!!