Vulnerabilitiy and ART of practice

I don't believe in a "creative type." I think everyone is creative. Creativity is a muscle and while some people exercise and tone those muscles, others allow them to become flabby and largely irrelevant.  The difference between those who are and those who are not acting creatively is a matter of exercise.

Why do so many people avoid their creative nature?  Probably for the same reasons so many people never work out: the process requires hard work.  In the video below, you'll see a profile of one artist who is committed to doing the work day in and day out.

He's also committed to being vulnerable.

"I get nervous , there's vulnerability in my paintings  putting it out on the streets the way it is entwined with me on a personal level..."

If you don't consider yourself creative, watch this video.

If you've ever struggled with any creative project, you REALLY need to watch this video.  His thoughts are like a Master Class in "doing the work."

Think about the truth of the statement:

"Whatever revolution you wake up feeling inside yourself, it's not necessarily going to take root so easily.  Stubborn. Practice. Determination. Persistence. Perseverance. Those things pay off and in the end might actually open up a wealth of natural ability that someone might not have been aware of..."

If you're working hard to find your voice...

If thinking differently seems to be a long, tough road, be encouraged.

This is what growth looks like.

Hang tough!!