The Song That Never Stops!

Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head and refuse to leave? Consider this list and click on any link should you want to feel the painful memories:

My Heart Will Go OnMacarenaWannabeBye Bye ByeHow Will I Know?Barbie GirlAchy Breaky HeartLet It GoWho Let The Dogs Out

What is it about my brain that I forget where I left my phone, but cannot stop singing a tune once it gets in my head? There is definitely something the "earworm" thing. During Memorial Day my niece decided to hum music from Les Misérable, and the family has yet to recover.

Exhibit A:

Les Mis from Joy Phenix on Vimeo.

I have a sense this happens to everyone and one of my favorite poets, Billy Collins, captures the emotion beautifully:

"More Than a Woman"

Ever since I woke up today, a song has been playing uncontrollably in my head - a tape looping

over the spools of the brain, a rosary in the hands of a frenetic nun, mad fan belt of a tune.

It must have escaped from the radio last night on the drive home and tunneled while I slept

from my ears to the center of my cortex. It is a song so cloying and vapid I won't even bother mentioning the title,

but on it plays as if I were a turntable covered with dancing children and their spooky pantomimes,

as if everything I had ever learned was being slowly replaced by its slinky chords and the puff ball of its lyrics.

What songs get stuck in your head and, more important, how do you get rid of them??!

Please help!