The Results of Giving Back-Part 2


I'm happy to introduce you to my favorite guest blogger, my daughter Ellie, who has something very important to tell you! Hey Guys!

You probably knew that for the past three years, I have been making campaigns to bring clean water to people across the globe. I have been doing this for my birthday, and instead of people giving me gifts, I asked them to donate to my campaign. Pretty cool, right?

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Charity Water, the charity I was using my fundraiser for. The email contained information about where and how the money from my 10th birthday campaign was used. My goal for my tenth birthday was to raise 1,000 dollars, and I raised 1,396 dollars. The money was sent to the Mayaleqti community in Ethiopia, where the team hand-dug a well that served 225 people.

That's crazy!

225 people who don't have to worry if the water they drink will make them sick. 225 people who are more happy and healthy. 225 less people trapped in the water crisis.

Look at what we did!!!

This year I am doing another campaign for my 12th birthday. My goal is to raise 1,200 dollars. But I can't do that without your donations. I would like for you to donate to my campaign. You can do that at You can donate by clicking the green DONATE button on the top left of the screen. You can donate $12, $120, or whatever you like!

Thanks so much for helping me share the gift of clean water!!!