The Princess Bride Work Challenge

"Life is pain, Highness.  Anyone who says differently is selling something."  Man in black

There's no substitute for making the work place fun. And, if you're a sportscaster, there's no EXCUSE for not having a fantastic time on the job. The guys on ESPN NFL kickoff pay tribute to The Princess Bride and the result is inconceivable.

The video below made my day in ways I can't describe. I want to do this at MY job.

I LOVE The Princess Bride almost as much as I love When Harry Met Sally and Pride & Prejudice (though Billy can't stay awake for the latter two flicks).

See how many quotes from the movie you can spot in this reel (ignore the video quality... it's worth it!)

Now, the real challenge is for you to see how many times you can quote the movie in your own workplace between now and the weekend!

I expect a full report.

Have fun stormin' the castle!!

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