The Next Step, Part B


In my last couple of posts I’ve broken the news that I’m leaving A&E and starting my own production/development company.  However, I realized there’s a typo in my previous post. “Company” should be plural, “Companies.”

I’m not starting one thing, but two.

Yes, I am becoming an Executive Producer, but there’s room for me to do more.  If you’ve worked with me, or have been in one of my mentor groups, or if you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’m passionate about investing in others.  I love leading teams and energizing people to live bold, extraordinary lives.

I do this now, as part of my regular schedule, and so, going forward, my second “Next Thing” is to formalize this individual and team coaching.

# 2 - Joy: Defined Coaching 

My logo is under construction, but my content has come together for the past couple of decades.  While my expertise is in the cable industry, my experience is much, much broader.

Thematically, my content will center around much of what you see on this blog:

Leveraging Strengths

Articulating Life Purpose

Thinking Differently

Communicating Vision

Managing Conflict

You’ll be hearing more about this in the New Year, but until then, know that I appreciate all of the kind words and well wishes you’ve shared with me over the past couple of days.

I wish I could tell you more about the Lifetime project, but I'm under a confidentiality agreement, and I'll have to share that in stages.  I am hopeful it will be good news!

I’m excited that YOU’RE excited with me.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support!!