The Nature of A Bad Day

There are really just two things that can ruin your day:

  1. A bad attitude  -where you decide to see everything through the lens of negativity (a la Alexander)
  2. A terrible event - think "Epic Event" like a car accident, an illness, a run-in with a TSA agent

Among those categories, I think that accidentally deleting the only copy of Toy Story 2 from Pixar computers would safely fall in # 2 - a bad day of Epic proportions.

Watch this 2 minute video and pay attention to how this day plays out.

I love how this film demonstrates the crazy process that starts when things fall apart:

  • panic
  • screaming at IT
  • unplugging the computer
  • rocking back and forth

Just the normal histrionics of a complete technical meltdown.  I've been known to do those things when I lose an EMAIL, let alone years' worth of work.

Still, even without watching the video, we know that Toy Story 2 survived.  All of the drama behind the scenes didn't derail the final product.  I have a new appreciation for the effort - and it doesn't hurt that the film was saved by a parent who was blending work and home.