The List: We Suki Suki

Perhaps my favorite thing about (semi) systematically working through Creative Loafing's 100 Best Dish List is how their picks force me to go off the beaten trail, not just in what I order, but also where I go. For the latest dish, I ventured into East Atlanta ("EAV" for locals), home of all kinds of funky mural art and great food. I was there to visit We Suki Suki which is subtitled, "A Global Grub Collective." Considering the menu is Pho, Bubble Tea, and Bahn Mi, the "global" promise might be a tad broad, but why quibble with ambition?


Especially since this place is OUTSTANDING!The first thing I noticed was how great an attitude everyone had who was working there. Serious smiling, attentive service, and a pleasant, casual environment all make you want to like the food before you taste a thing.

I also appreciate the little touches, such as lemon in the water.And Tapatio as a sauce selection!Helllllooooo California!!!

But the real reason I was there was for the pork bahn mi.  Could it measure up to Lee's Bakery and Quoc Huong? I'm happy to report that yes, it does in fact measure up.

WOOOHOOO!  Let's hear the EAV celebrate!!!

If you are ever in this part of town, definitely put the Bahn Mi on your short list (or order the Pho if you want soup). We Suki Suki is definitely a find.