The List : Tomo Buckhead

In my opinion, Atlanta sushi spots can be hit and miss. I think MF Sushi is flat out spectacular.  Plus I like Sushi House Hayakawa ,and Taka Sushi and well,... I like MF Sushi.  That means that our choices are limited to three locations.  That made me super excited to find Creative Loafing's 100 Dish  List had a new spot to visit - Tomo.

Unfortunately, weeks after The List was published (May 2011), the restaurant closed and relocated to Buckhead.  They reopened this Fall, but I finally made it over there a few weeks ago. I have to say, it was ENTIRELY worth the wait.  Not only is the dish from The List fabulous, the menu has plenty of incredible options.  Here's a quick tour:

Yellowtail Serano Sashimi:  Imagine a mild fish with just a hint of heat and garlic and you'll start to get the idea of this dish.  This was the first thing we ate and I didn't think any other dish was going to come close.  I was wrong.

Tomo Uni:  This is the dish that was recommended on The List.  I've never been a sea urchin fan - the texture creeps me out, but this was assembled in such a way that it was delicious.  The uni was wrapped in seaweed, flash fried and served with a salsa that was at least as flavorful as the fish!  I can see why the dish made the list, though I the price ($25) for the bite size dish is not necessarily where I'd blow my budget.

Live Lobster with Quail Egg:  I'm afraid to put too many words around describing this dish.  A girlfriend of mine went into all of the details and I nearly skipped the experience.  So, if you go to Tomo, order, eat, and enjoy this unusually scrumptious dish!

Shima-Aji Spicy Carpaccio:   If you categorically don't eat "raw fish" this is the dish to change that.  The pieces are so thinly sliced and the flavor is so mellow, that you'll be a sashimi convert.  Be sure to eat each piece with a bit of the salsa.  Mmmm.

Salmon roll:  The salmon roll came wrapped in cucumber and served with braised seaweed.  YUM!

Black Cod Boston:  When MF Sushi had a Buckhead location they served a black cod dish that I loved.  Tomo's version almost matches up. The flavor of the fish was fantastic.  However, I found the lettuce wrap distracting to the fish.

Breakfast for dessert (I don't recall the official name!).  Our waitress said that this was the most photographed dessert in Atlanta, and it's easy to see why.  The "bacon" is dried fruit.  The egg "yolk" is mango and the egg "white" is a coconut panne cotta.  The "salt & pepper" on the side are cinnamon and sugar while the" ketchup" is a raspberry sauce.  Definitely a visually fun dessert.  As for the taste - meh.  Not as good as it looks!  I'd make an alternative selection.

The chocolate dessert comes disguised as a plant.  The visual appeal is less exciting than the breakfast schtick, but the taste is better.  Still, not a home run.  Unless you HAVE to finish every meal with chocolate, I'd opt for the last dessert below.