The List: The Cookie Studio

I feel it's been ages since I've posted reviews from Creative Loafing's 100 Best Dish List, so this week I focused on trying something new. (Trying new things is ALWAYS fun!) Using my logic, the best place to get back on the eating wagon is with a dessert. And, just to make sure I'm maximizing decadence, let's begin with a Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pie from The Cookie Studio.

This corner of goodness is tucked into a building in Buckhead on Pharr Rd just off Peachtree and, ironically enough, is one driveway away from my dentist.If you suspect I stop by after my teeth are cleaned, well, you are correct, AND (Questionable parenting alert!!!) sometimes I bring my kids with me after they have had their teeth cleaned.


Don't judge.However, I've never been to the cookie studio when they have had ANY whoopie pies (they sell out fast), so I usually opt for the snickerdoodles or key lime sugar cookies.Deliciousness indeed.

This week I called ahead to make sure I wasn't going to be "forced" to buy something not on the list, and fortunately, the whoopie pies were in!!!!Can you see the yumminess?

Definitely List worthy.