The List: Kimball House Pt 2

When I run into people who ask where to go to celebrate a special occasion, I hesitate to share my favorite place, Kimball House, because it doesn't really fit the celebration mode.

They don't take reservations, so you don't know exactly how long you'll wait.

The atmosphere is loud.

And, compared to many of the arm-length menus in town, Kimball House has a relatively limited selection.

Still, I love Kimball House. In fact, when it came time for choosing where to have our anniversary dinner, we were both excited to head back to Decatur.  (Isn't he handsome?!!)On this night we waited 30-ish minutes, but whether you wait outside or in, the whole environment is so relaxed and easy, you hardly notice the time.You can read my first review here.  I gushed then, and I will gush now.

On this visit we shared some seafood, a salad which was ridiculously memorable (sous vide apples) and then had the steak also prepared sous vide.

"Sous vide" is French for cooking "under vacuum" which means all of the food, including seasonings, is sealed in plastic and cooked in a water bath (the Wikipedia definition is worth the read - here).  All you really need to know is the flavors become SUPER intense and the temperature is always perfect.

Good grief, the food is so good!!

Still, we were there to check off a couple of list items.  Great oysters. Ask your server for recommendations (I never remember what I get).Definitely List Worthy.


The other list item, Crème Brûlée.  Pretty much perfect.  Like everything else we had.

Just go already.

Order whatever.  I'm ridiculously confident you can't go wrong.