The List: Home Grown Breakfast


Although I transplanted to the South ages ago, there are times when my California roots sneak out. These roots are decidedly out of step with the local population, so I try and keep them to myself. Even my kids don't agree with my opinions. For instance, I don't care for Krispy Kreme donuts.  (The glaze is far too sweet and the best donuts, in my humble opinion, are Stan's Donuts in Westwood.)

But the disconnect doesn't stop there.

I also don't eat biscuits, I think gravy is for Thanksgiving dinner, and I don't really enjoy fried chicken. Please don't tell people this because beyond the mocking, I actually might lose my residency.

Anyhow... my bias dampened my enthusiasm to try the "Comfy Chicken Biscuit" at Home Grown in downtown Atlanta.  This dish is a biscuit, fried chicken, and gravy.  Ugh.

To steel my resolve, I asked my niece Lindsay (another transplant) to meet me for breakfast.  At least, I figured, the dining company would be a "win."

Well, well, well -- I was in for a big surprise.

I took one bite from this dish and I felt like Sam I am!  I DO LIKE GREEN EGGS & HAM!!!

I DO like biscuits like this - flaky, light, non-lardish.

I DO like chicken like this - thin, lightly battered, peppery.


I DO like gravy like this - lumpy with sausage and VERY peppery.

Lindsay felt the same way.  Good grief, this dish is delicious.

Now I know why Home Grown publishes a daily count about how many people order this dish.  I ate every last bite. Even the orange.

I'm officially sold on this being a tasty meal.

I am, however, immovable on the donut thing : )