The List: Heirloom Market BBQ

"Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it's a start"

Antony Bourdain

If you've ever seen any list such as "Atlanta's Best BBQ," you have undoubtedly heard of Heirloom BBQ. So, not surprisingly, the restaurant has one dish on Creative Loafing's Best Dish List.

This quirky restaurant (located just inside 285 near Northside Hwy) is, for all practical purposes, a take-out only restaurant. There is a small stand up table where you could eat, but it's outside on the edge of a parking lot and is, in my opinion, wildly unappealing.

What IS appealing is Heirloom's take on the BBQ sandwich. The Korean version of the tried and true pulled-pork sandwich is nothing short of spectacular. That said, you have to enjoy some serious heat and not be afraid of calories because this dish has plenty of both. Plus, in the interest of full disclosure, eating the sandwich is a mess.

If these disclaimers discourage you, order the Brunswick Stew or pulled chicken and you will be plenty pleased. As for me, I have found my favorite!