The List: Fred’s Meat and Bread

A friend of mine who lives near Krog St Market affectionately calls it a “glorified food court.” While I wouldn’t have made that observation myself, it’s true. However, Krog St. Market is the most glorious of food courts! Fortunately, there are multiple items on the new Creative Loafing Best Dish list to be had at Krog St., so I’ll be using every excuse to be in that part of town.


When the first Best Dish List came out in 2011, most places I visited had no idea they had been recognized on the list. Not so any more. In fact, Fred’s had copies of the CL magazine plastered all over the menu board. (As well they should!)

To be honest, I have avoided Fred’s lure ever since the market opened. Sure, the sandwiches look AH-mazing, but they also feel like an indulgence (so much bread!!). Plus, if you order from Fred’s, you’re practically obligated to order their fries and try the homemade sodas.

It’s a slippery slope.


On this occasion I was at there to check off the Cauliflower (4 syllables) and Eggplant Bahn Mi.

Yes, there’s a ton a bread (the places on Buford Hwy use a more modest bun), but oh my are the flavors DELISH!

The blend of jalapenos, pickled carrots, and daikon along with the fried cauliflower and eggplant is perfect!

The pictures don’t do much to convey the taste, but it is fantastic. Definitely worth the carb intake.

NOTE – this sandwich is seriously spicy, so if you’re not into food with heat, go ahead and opt for the burger.