The List: El Rey del Taco

This isn't the first time El Rey del Taco has been on the Best Dish list. Their previous appearance was in 2011 and was my first experience there.  Unfortunately, my visit wasn't terrific because my kids were... um... hangry and in no humor to be out among the general public. The incident scarred me and I haven't been back.

It's not you. El Rey, it's me.

Last week, I finally bucked up and made an appearance to try their chivo taco.  Chivo is goat meat and it's delicious -  prepared with cilantro, onions, and assorted spices.


Check out the close-up...Isn't your mouth watering? I loved it, though I did use a fair amount of hot sauce to make give the taco a little more zip!

However, what overshadowed the delicious meat were the homemade tortillas.  These thin layers of corn meal are positively worth the price of admission.  Absolutely perfect!

That's the good news.


The bad news is I wasn't impressed with any of the other things I tried. The chorizo, which is typically salty to start with, was almost inedible. The chicken was dry and the chips were incredibly average.But still, those homemade tortillas... YUM!

I'll likely eat there again, but I'm not ready to call this the best Mexican food stop in Atlanta (in my book that honor currently belongs to El Mexicano).

Let me know if there's something else I need to taste there!