The List: Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup

An unscheduled meeting brought me to downtown Atlanta this week and it proved to be a PERFECT excuse to pop into Dua Vietnamese to check out their entrant on the Creative Loafing Best Dish List. Of course, I didn't have much time (who does at lunch?), so I called ahead to place my order for a Bun with Tofu. Hmmm. For a self-identified Noodle Soup spot, shouldn't I have ordered some Pho?

Well, I gotta go with the list, so I resisted the urge to stray.

Waze led me to the narrow "Broad" street location (hello irony) where I easily found a parking spot. Score!!

I was less excited with the line heading out of the door.

Clearly the folks downtown know what's up!  I walked straight to the counter to retrieve my "to go" order and discovered I was at the wrong spot.


#doh!! Two doors down from Dua is Dua II Go which is ONLY "II go."

Brilliant.My order was ready to go and it was fabulous.

The tofu was perfectly crisp (I have a thing against mushy tofu) and the flavors worth a trip downtown.


SO crazy good.  I ordered mine "spicy" and if you like heat, definitely jump in.  If you are at all sensitive to heat, get the regular version because there is some serious kick.YUM!

Next time I'll also try the Pho and report back!