The List: Chocolate Cake

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I should remind you about where to find the best chocolate cake in the city.  I wrote this a couple of years ago, but this dessert STILL wins!! ******************************************************

I rarely meet a chocolate dessert that I'd opt for over a fruit dessert.

I have plenty of odd habits like that.

Still, I've tried to fix my chocolate apathy by trying the tarts, the mousse and more than my fair share of chocolate cakes.  Mostly, my response is, "meh."  Give me a great truffle or a piece of See's Candy and my chocolate craving is fixed. I'd rather have a fruit pie.

Well, that blasé attitude has come to an end because of this place,  The Wright Gourmet Shoppe, courtesy of The List.

Good grief.  I don't know how to begin describing their chocolate chocolate cake.


The adjectives don't come quickly enough.

However, there are two features that made me a believer. #1, the cake is not over-the-top sweet.  The chocolate, NOT the sugar, is the star here.  And, #2, the cake is SO incredibly moist it's almost as amazing as my grandma's carrot cake.

In fact, after you start slicing the cake, you'll notice it barely stays together.  It's almost too moist to stack.

I recommend serving this cake with people who won't judge you for licking your plate.  Trust me.

You WILL lick your plate.

You WILL devour this cake and you won't care about the calories.

I recognized the danger immediately and out of sheer discipline I sent the cake home with my guests and gave it to my colleagues.  I've pasted one response below...

I will pass up a lemon meringue pie for this cake every time.

That's saying something!