The List: BoccaLupo

I have gushed about BoccaLupo for ages, so I was thrilled to finally see them represented on Creative Loafing's Best Dish List. The first entry, the 20-yolk tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, Tuscan kale Kimchi, and butter is about as good as any pasta you'll ever have this side of the Atlantic.  The wide noodles are flat and delicate, but still seem to hold the layers of flavor. I wrote about this dish last time (here) and it was just as spectacular on this outing.

For a "new" entry (for me) we tried the Southern fried chicken Parmesan with creamy collards & strano pasta.  The crazy thing about this dish is none of the descriptions sound particularly appealing to me. Fried chicken - meh. Collards - uh, no. Pasta - yes, always.  However, when the three of them come together, they all win.

My picture is less than stellar, but trust me, this dish is list worthy.  If you check out BoccaLupo, bring a friend who is willing to share.

Start with the octopus (which is still THE best thing on the menu) and calamari, then one of you order the 20-yolk tagliatelle and the other order the Southern fried chicken Parm; then end by sharing some gelato.  If there's another couple along, make sure someone orders the black spaghetti.

You won't regret a bite.

My dining partner is always willing to share. He's the best...Happy exploring friends!!