The List: BB Bagels

There have been a few items in both the 2011 and 2013 Creative Loafing Best Dish list which I still haven’t tried. Many of the establishments have closed (one dish does not a great restaurant make), and a few are just too challenging for me time-wise (Octopus Bar, your 10:30 opening time is just too late!) or geographically (several are too far-flung). However, recently I was in Alpharetta and I came across Bagel Boys Bagels.

Wait. One. Second. Wasn’t this on the 2011 List?

My phone wasn't connecting properly and I couldn't confirm, so I just went with it.  I remembered the recommendation and ordered the pumpernickel bagel with chive cream cheese (plus a sundried tomato one as added insurance).

For the record, ever since I learned that eating a bagel is equivalent to consuming a loaf of bread, I don't eat bagels.

I just can't mentally get over the caloric hurdle.  However for The List, how could I not?


This is what I ate...Yum. Delish!

I have missed carbs like this.  Memories of daily bagel consumption came flooding back.

But was this List worthy?  I wasn't really sold.

I mean, they DID taste New York-ish. Did they import NY water for the boiling process? Is the starter from up North? What’s the insight that made Creative Loafing choose THIS bagel? I wish I could tell you, but whatever, I was happy for the excuse to indulge.

Then I went back to the 2011 list and the place on the list WAS BB Bagels, but the initials stood for BROOKLYN BAGELS not Bagel Boys!!

But the really bad news is, Brooklyn Bagels is closed for good.

Womp. womp.

Still, if your metabolism still works like a 2o-year-old, there's no shame in hitting up the Bagel Boys for your carb fix.