The List: Atlanta Cupcake Factory

Tucked away in a little storefront on North Highland Avenue is the Atlanta Cupcake Factory. I don't know why I was expecting a big place, er, more "factory" like,  but this is a tiny store with an artisan feel.  The owner, Jamie Fahey, was working up front and was charming in describing her creations.

The chocolate cupcakes use her grandmother's recipe as a base.  The cupcakes contain no shortening, so they don't do well in the heat! Most cupcakes have a butter cream frosting.


I immediately realized I was going to have a tough time deciding.

I knew I needed the item from The List - the sweet potato bourbon cupcake - but oh wow - the options were all so appealing.  We were hosting a birthday dinner, so I went ahead and gave into a few that were calling my name.

This assortment I walked out with in addition to the sweet potato bourbon were chocolate/chocolate, chocolate/chocolate salted caramel, lemon/lemon, and sugar cookie/vanilla.

Don't worry, I shared!


The great news: everything was delicious.  What's more, my dinner party was unanimous in saying the best of the best was the sweet potato bourbon. (Followed by the chocolate/chocolate salted caramel.)

How about that?  The List is right again!

The next time you're going to Virginia Highlands, either pop into the Atlanta Cupcake Factory or check the website to see if the flavor you want is available.