The Best Atlanta Dessert

Call off the dogs! The hunt is over.

If you're looking for the best dessert in Atlanta (and, let's be honest, who ISN'T interested in finding this?), it's waiting for you at Gunshow.  I've raved about Gunshow before (here and here), but it's tough to suggest specific dishes because a) the menu changes daily and b) ordering is a negotiation between you and your dining partner as the chefs come to your table to peddle their dishes. Even the cocktail cart is different from week to week.

The upshot is a reliably unique experience, but not dependably replicatable.

The one exception seems to be the banana pudding.

The few times we've eaten at Gunshow, the pastry chef has special seasonal dishes, but the banana pudding appears to be a staple.

This is fantastic news.

Billy and I couldn't wait for dessert.  Check out the meringue on this bad boy...When you dip a spoon into the mixture, the shape holds together and the banana flavor is so intense you suspect the chef has some sort of superpower.I love dessert in so many places, but truly nothing comes close to this genius.



We ordered extensively from the menu and loved everything we tasted, but the three standouts (which probably won't be available again - sorry!) in order of favorites were the short-rib marmalade with roasted cauliflower. The photo doesn't show the meat very well, but it was divine!I also was nuts for the pickled white shrimp with corn bread, and an assortment of purees which were rich and surprisingly refreshing.   Finally, we love the Loco Moco aka "Hawaiian Diner Food."   How can rice, gravy, ground beef, and egg taste so good? I wish I had a clue. You have to have the patience of Job to get into Gunshow, but it's worth the wait, even if it's just to get to dessert.