Telling Stories...

I love it when a company uses stories to craft their brand image.  Sure, Chevy could have wowed us with the statistics of gas mileage, amazing shots of how they construct their cars, or even glamor shots of their cars zooming down winding, beachfront roads (aka, the Pacific Coast Highway).   However, information is rarely moving and images only engage us so much.  So many companies miss the chance to engage people in something larger - in something emotional. What moves us are stories. Stories are how we connect.  We see ourselves in the narratives of others and project our reactions into their situations.  Even if you're a dyed-in-the-wool Ford guy/gal,  you're probably moved by the Chevy ad below.  You've probably seen the :30 second spot, but the five minute version is excellent.

Things from the past sometimes mean more than you'd expect.


I love what the son says as this video ends.

"Its not just a car.  It's all the memories and feelings that bring all that back."

Discover and protect the life stories that matter...even if you have to go to Canada to get them.