Taking Mental Breaks

You have no idea how much restraint I show in not constantly posting surfing videos to this blog. I honestly could put something up every week. The only reason I don't is because it feels self-indulgent.

Sure, I find it incredibly relaxing to watch surfers be dwarfed by huge waves.  I am mesmerized by the power of waves, the backdrop of big skies, and the pastel sunsets.

But then I wonder if you will care.

It kind of compares to telling you about cooking a great meal or dining out at a terrific spot while you're not there.

Wait a second...

You, dear reader, ALREADY let me be self-indulgent in this blog.

You let me wander through all kinds of miscellaneous thoughts; one day it's leadership, the next day it's chicken pot pie.  You never complain. You return day after day.  More important, sometimes you watch and comment!

Who else do you have who is willing to be the curator of the occasional film that will make you book your next trip to the beach?

I bet no one else fits that bill.

Yes, I'm here for you!

Today's film is about as pretty as they come.  Surfing @1,000 Frames Per Second deserves to be watched on full screen (preferably with the lights out) and with the speakers turned up.

Indulge in a mental break and enjoy the beauty, the athleticism, and the fascinating dance of sea spray. Not bad camera work either...

Impressive, right?

I think it's time for surfing lessons!