Surprised by much?

Do you think the fisherman in the image below anticipated this event? If he wasn't intentionally trolling for squid, then he could legitimately claim "surprise!"

However, even if he were squid fishing, I'm betting he wasn't banking on a face full of's hope it is ink.

Intellectually, the fisherman must have known squid shoot ink out of their ink shooter in moments when they feel threatened.  Logically, he knew spearing a squid  with a hook would feel "threatening" to the squid,  so maybe he imagined he could be a target for the dreaded ink shot.

Still, I'm thinking this reality didn't match his expectations, otherwise he would have ducked.

Expectations are powerful things.  Our frame of mind matters.  I don't know how your week has gone, but hopefully you haven't been surprised by much.


If you're like me, remembering a few things helps me manage my expectations so I am not caught completely off-guard as I "sail" through life.  Every week I discover:

  • Work is called "work" and not "play" for a reason;  I shouldn't be surprised when it presents me with challenges.
  • Cars, washing machines, computers, and bodies have parts that eventually wear out. I shouldn't be surprised when one breaks.
  • Raising a human being is a process. I shouldn't be surprised when my kids are still learning...or fail trying.
  • Puppies chew and dig. I shouldn't be surprised that the backyard is gonna need repairs (and lots of fill dirt) this spring.
  • Marriage is a living thing. I shouldn't be surprised when it needs attention, nurture, and quality time.
  • I need friends to be with me through thick and thin. I shouldn't be surprised that they want me to be there for them too.
  • Days fly by. I shouldn't be surprised by the joy that I feel heading into a weekend!

Have a great day and keep the Tide pen handy!