Sunday Supper @ Serpas

Last weekend my friend Jordan graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgia State and a group of family and friends went out to celebrate this huge milestone.  Jordan and his wife Lindsay are some our favorite peeps and we LOVE exploring Atlanta food spots with them.  So not ONLY did we get to celebrate Jordan, I was excited that they had picked a new spot, Serpas,  that has a Sunday "Supper."  This is NOT a brunch menu, but a  "family style" meal where they limit the selection of entrees and serve the sides family style.  Imagine a family approach to a price-fixed menu.   The benefit is fabulous food that's deeply discounted.  I LOVED the experience we had at Serpas in Old Fourth Ward.  I can't wait to come back in the evening and sit on the patio! (Aside -  I have NO idea if they have availability for Supper Mother's Day today, but it would be worth checking!)

The meal starts with a salad option that's served up individually.  The pecans were perfectly sweetened and crisp and the feta was like "butta."

There were three options for entrees, though among our group, we only picked two of the three.  I started with the fabulous brisket.  Slow-braised and in an au jus sauce that's to die for -- I'm going to have a hard time ordering anything different!

I only had a bite of the catfish, but Lindsay says it's among the best...

The sides were so tasty that I fear I might have monopolized them!  Exhibit A:  sauteed spinach

Better still was the grilled vegetable dish - the picture hardly does the dish justice, but the corn, white beans, asparagus and squash were absolutely perfect!

For dessert, the table was served the beignets with espresso caramel.  This was the only "meh" part of the meal.  Of course, I'm not a huge fan of anything in the donut family, so this dish started with low expectations.  Still, I was so completely satisfied with the rest of the meal,  why quibble now?!

 If you're looking for an affordable Date Night with great food, definitely put Supper at Serpas on your list!