Success: A Broader Definition

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” Truman Capote

I know very few people who hang the "success" label on themselves easily.

I imagine because calling something a success sounds like bragging, akin to saying, "I've arrived!!" or "I'm great!" or "This is well-done!"

No one wants to arrogant.

However, this little video reminds us of the broader definition of success, which is simply "the correct or desired result of an attempt."

The animation is lovely. Check it out.

By this standard, we have MANY more opportunities to call out our successes. If you're hard on yourself, this should be particularly freeing.

You can count the little things:

Up before noon? Success!Made it to the gym? Success!Sustained life through the summer? Success!

Or the bigger things:

Showed patience with your parents? Success!Shared with those in need? Success!Reached out to the hurting? Success!

The day before you has countless opportunities to be successful. Don't squander your chance to make an impact.