Stop Saying That!!! 27 Slang Terms To Drop

The picture below is making the rounds online.  It is rumored to come from a Chick-Fil-A restaurant where a store manager is trying to ban certain slang words. The frustration in the manager's tone is obvious and, frankly, hysterical.

If you aren't, however, a hip millennial, you may not track with what these comments even mean!


I appreciate this list, but I'm not sure it takes the ban far enough.  I reached out to my usual "blogstorming" group and asked them to help me compile a list of the slang they would most like to ban.

Suggestions came fast and furiously and note, no one suggested banning "bossy" (Lean in to THAT Sheryl Sandberg!).  What they DID suggest was killing the following expressions:

  1. Cra-cra  - This may be gone, but sometimes it pops up
  2. Throwing shade  - I mean, most of us aren't rappers or MTV DJs, so let's not sound like one)
  3. Kidding… - If you have to explain that you were kidding, we all know you weren't
  4. Yaaaah - No need to ruin a perfectly good "yes."
  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah  - said really fast (WAIT a second!!! This is my signature expression.  I can't believe one of my friends is telling me to stop!)
  6. Rawkin - I don't think anyone says this really. Do they?  Dork alert!
  7. Bae - What is that?! I see it everywhere.  I know, the manager had this on his list, but it's just awful
  8. Crib - If you say this, you sound old and washed up
  9. What up?! - Grammar people get apolplectic when they hear this
  10. Totes - Just totally stop
  11. Obvi - You sound like a Jedi when you shorten obviously which you obvi aren't.
  12. I know, right?  - OK - I say this too much.  I will work on it
  13. Besties - even middle school girls have moved away from this term, so should you.
  14. I can't even - then don't try.
  15. Freaking anything. As in:  No Freaking Way.  Actually anything used in place of the F-word just needs to stop.  We all know it's just F-Word Lite.  And nobody's grandmother wants to hear any version of it.
  16. Gawd - Just oawd
  17. TBT - when it's not a photograph posted on a Thursday.
  18. Hashtag -- You can use the # symbol, but don't say "hashtag" when you're speaking.  You sound like a SNL skit!
  19. "hella" - because "really" is a perfectly good (if not radically overused) word! - sorry Taylor Swift
  20. Amazeballs -- this is so 2012 - old enough that it's new again.  I admit I still like the word but it's still obnoxious.
  21. YOLO - unless you're talking about a brand of paddle boards!
  22. To tell you the truth - I mean I hope you already do tell me the truth.
  23. Seriously.  No. Seriously. - just stop.
  24. Shut UP!!! - Or perhaps, stop saying this.
  25. NO WAY! - Yes. Way.
  26. Holla! - I don't need to explain why this should go.
  27. OMG - The most obnoxious acronym of all.  Seriously.  No. Seriously.

What slang expressions would you like to slay?