Sticking with your projects

People are amazing. I don't know what gets into them to create radical new things, but I find the lengths to which individuals travel to express themselves awe-inspiring.

Take the Swedes behind the Wintergatan project and what it took to make this musical machine.

I spent FAR too much time trolling through the Wintergatan website as they detailed each new iteration of the machine, noting such things as funnel designs and kick drum mechanics. (Get sucked into the full story here - it's mesmerizing.)

Apparently this project morphed from a two-month task to a 14-month labor of love. This thought from the website I found particularly telling:

"The closer the machine gets to be finished the harder it gets to finish it. It is strange how that happens, when the finish line is in sight, everything slows down automatically except the avalanche of new unforeseen problems. We need to start making music now and spend less time picking up marbles from the floor soon soon soon. But it is happening. When it is finished, music will follow."

Many people think the tricky part of creative endeavors is starting, but I think finishing and finishing WELL is even more daunting.

Well done Martin & Wintergatan crew! Well done indeed.