How do you plan to recover this weekend? I'm guessing that you've had a week full of work, filled with mountains to climb and rivers to cross (or at least meals to cook and commutes to endure!) and that you're looking forward to a couple of days off.

However, if you are at all like me, you may be approaching your weekend as an intense sprint to tackle projects, organize your life, and be uber productive.  The lure of the "to do" list is like a siren's song threatening to steal away your time to decompress.  Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is to take a nap.  This weekend think about what rest looks like for you.

Enjoy your family and friends without trying to squeeze every "productive" second out of the day.

Take your Sabbath and use the time to recharge.  Instead of tackling tasks, think about connecting with people.  The "to do" list will be waiting for you on the other side of the weekend and with a little bit of rest and snoozin' your ability to crank through the work will be greatly enhanced.

I better go now.  I've got a novel that needs my attention.