Slow down, you move too fast

“The degree of slowness is directionally proportional to the intensity of memory. The degree of speed is directionally proportional to the intensity of forgetting.”Milan Kundera


"Why are you in such a hurry?"

An innocent enough question, especially coming from a child, but it bothered me because I didn't have a great answer.  I had been in a hurry all day and making my kids keep my pace.

I wasn't running for a plane, late for an appointment, or otherwise inconveniencing anyone else - I just wanted to be DONE with errands.  I just wanted to get on with something else.

Of course, the "something else" was going to be tackled with breakneck speed too.  I LOVE making good time. I live much of my life as though I'm in a race. Let's GO already!!!  I barely think about my speed, I just want to move...

Am I alone in this behavior? Or do you love to move fast too?

What if the quote above were true?

What if SLOWNESSis directly related to the intensity of our memory? What if quality relationships only happen when you relax and don't worry about the time?

Would you dial back your speed then?

Unfortunately, for those of us in a hurry, Mr. Kundera's words ring true; moving fast makes everything blurry.

Do you want to be a leader at work? Slow down and spend time with your team. Do you want to have influence with others? Slow down and get to know people. Do you want your kids to listen to you? Slow down and listen to their stories.


Feels unproductive.


Feels inefficient.

Relationships are always inefficient.  (Deal with it!)

Use this week today as a test and be present for all of your conversations. Turn off the email chime, unplug from twitter, welcome the rabbit trails inherent in relationships.

For a day, slow down and don't worry about "making time"; instead, worry about making memories.