Should you really avoid regret?

There's a popular poster that says, "Never regret anything, because at one time it was exactly what you wanted." Hmmmm. I'm not buying it.

I'm not swayed by the logic that my desires, no matter how fleeting, should wash away the very real emotion of regret.

Don't get me wrong.  I think regret, like guilt, can be a giant waste of energy.

What's done is done.Acknowledge and move on."Why" is the booby prize.

These are some of my favorite expressions.

And yet, there is a place for guilt.  There is a time for regret.

These are different feelings than shame.  These are our emotions associated with negative experiences which ultimately help us make better decisions moving forward.

I've never heard anyone take on this sticky topic; this fascinating TED talk is worth the time.

Do you agree with her thoughts?