Screaming at your kids? What's it worth?


I probably shouldn't eavesdrop, but on a plane recently I overhead an exchange between a couple of guys sounding something like this:

Window Man:  "My son is so difficult these days.  I can't help but scream at him." Aisle Man: "Sure you can help.  You don't have to scream; that's your choice." Window Man: "You don't know my son.  ANYONE would scream at him." Aisle Man: "What if I had the ability to charge you $500 every time you lost control and screamed?  Would you be able to stop yourself? Would it be worth it then?" Window Man: "Oh, well, I guess so."


I suspect Mr. Window Man was pretty happy to have the flight attendant interrupt the chat because the guys never picked up the topic again.

Still, the conversation has been rattling around my head for a few weeks.  After all, I've been known to "fuss" at my kids from time to time using my "outside voice."  I've been known to "over communicate" my frustrations.

Since hearing and considering the airplane conversation, when a situation which could call for screaming happens, I now think, "what would it take to STOP and respond calmly NO MATTER what?"

Would a financial hit work?  Maybe. What if someone was recording and posting screaming incidents online? Would that prompt better behavior? Probably.

What is it worth to change my behavior?  What is it worth to you?