Saying yes, again.


I can think of at least five solid reasons why this is a bad idea.

The most obvious reason concerns the potential for my son to hurt himself.  There are at least three reasons that relate back to protecting my "stuff."  The final reason is,  I don't need a mess in the dining room.  Of course, if I'm really honest with myself, I'm not worried about my coordinated son tumbling off the table; I mostly want to keep my "stuff" in good shape.  Putting the dining room back into pristine shape would be "inconvenient."

However,  when I walked through the dining room and saw this, I recalled the voice of my friend Amber echoing in my head.  She's fond of saying, "You are raising a human being, not dealing with an inconvenience."


What I realized was this little human being wasn't being destructive; he was being creative.  He wasn't causing havoc; he was entertaining himself by building a race track from scratch.  He wasn't acting immature; I was.

This time, I caught myself and let the Cars 2 Tokyo Race continue.

I wish my nature was to "say yes" with less effort.  I'm still going to try!