Saying No

Let’s face it, we’re all imperfect and we’re going to fall short on occasion. But we must learn from failure and that will enable us to avoid repeating our mistakes. Through adversity, we learn, grow stronger, and become better people.John Wooden

Mondays get a bad rap.

Do you ever welcome Mondays because a new week feels like a fresh start? Are you ever so happy to see a week pass in the rear-view mirror that you're craving Monday morning?

I think of it as a mini New Years Day, waiting to offer something fresh. Yes, I'm an optimist.

Still, in starting a new week, I find it helps to bring no small amount of enthusiasm to  Monday morning and to pay attention to at least four potholes in my typical path.

1. Watch what I put in my mouth


Did you write that down?  That's a profound thought. The wrong kinds of food will kill the fun of any week. I need to relearn this often.  It also helps to stay properly caffeinated. (Baby steps my uber-healthy friends, allow me baby steps...)

2. Say Less


My listening abilities fall off the cliff if/when I'm talking a lot. If I don't listen, I don't hear.  When I don't hear, I fail to learn. When I'm not learning, I stay in a state of ignorance.  It's all a big mess at that point, so shhhh, be quick to listen.

3. Be Honest, Always


Sincerity is the currency of any relationship and that is always rooted in honesty -- No. Matter. What.  So-called "white lies" are a slippery slope into insincerity.

4. Hurry Home


Nothing kills a week like extra time away. Race for the earlier flight, take the call from the car, leave things for next week - whatever choices have to happen to get in the door quicker, make them.

For me, this is an ambitious agenda!  What do you need to do to make your week  amazing?