Restaurant Review: Bantam + Biddy


For all of you in the Ansley Park/Mid-town area, no doubt you've been enjoying Bantam + Biddy for the past year or so. The strip mall location has done nothing to discourage people from embracing this oh-so-tasty neighborhood restaurant.  I'm rarely in the area,  but if I'm close, it's definitely a first choice. The restaurant, one of Shaun Doty's creations, is all about poultry and does chicken like no one else.  So if you're on any kind of protein-centric, caveman-esque diet (or if you just love great chicken), this is a great place to go.  Ordering one-fourth or one-half a chicken with a side will keep anyone happy!  (Shown with ratatouille and fruit and the Periperi sauce on the side- yum!)My favorite thing on the menu is, easily, the Cobb Salad. Of course, there's a dearth of good salads in Atlanta, so I can't help but be excited about a dish so perfectly balanced. See the avocados? Nom. Nom. I like the carrot ginger vinaigrette, but the Vidalia onion is tasty too.If you're in the mood for a sandwich, the California club is like having the Cobb Salad on a baguette. Nothing wrong with that option!

The Chicken Salad Pita is on a wonderful pita, but, like most places in my opinion, the mayonnaise is overplayed.


Whatever you do, experiment with the tasty sides! I love the kale salad and the spinach and quinoa is tasty too (pictured).  It's nice to have options which are healthy!


However, like any good establishment in the South, Mac & Cheese is a must.  They do a nice job making you think you can eat a ton of pasta and not gain weight. This is dangerous!


I bet this place does a killer breakfast!  Who wants to meet me there??